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The SAGDB (South African Golf Development Board) operates in 14 areas across South Africa. It enjoys support and endorsement of the Department of Sports and Recreation, the R&A, GolfRSA, the Sunshine Tour, the Professional Golfers Association of South Africa, Remgro and all other official South African golf bodies.


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SAGDB is supported and endorsed by Department of Sports and Recreation, the R&A and South African Golfing Bodies.

The SAGDB aims to make golf accessible to all South Africans by providing and facilitating practice and playing opportunities for learners and talented players from all the underprivileged communities including previously disadvantaged communities. The SAGDB believes that golf is a powerful tool for social development, and growing the game will also help to build a nation to be proud of because it plays and lives by the unique ethics and values of the game.

Through its national approved coaching programmes, the SAGDB will identify and develop talented players from underprivilegedSouth African communities who will popularise and spread the unique spirit of the game.

The SAGDB believes that moral, educational and socio-economic upliftment is vital to South Africa’s future. By making golf more accessible and more appealing, the SAGDB is recruiting South Africans to a sport that teaches an integral set of ethical rules and values, which can be applied in all spheres in life

South African Golf
Development Board

Since its formation in 1999, the SAGDB has grown a network of coaches and officials who work across the country to develop the game in the cities and also the most remote areas.

Through its PGA-approved LTAD coaching programme, the board currently has the capacity to coach 2,500 children per week in 10 regions.


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