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Who are we and what we do

Founded in 1999, the SAGDB is supported and endorsed by Department of Sports and Recreation, the R&A and South African Golfing Bodies.

Our PGA-approved coaching programme, has the capacity to offer weekly coaching to over 3,500 children aged between 7 and 18 in the following regions:

      • Boland
      • Border
      • Central Gauteng
      • Eastern Cape
      • Ekurhuleni
      • Free State
      • Gauteng North
      • KwaZulu Natal
      • Limpopo
      • Mpumalanga
      • North West
      • Northern Cape
      • Southern Cape
      • Western Cape

Our team consists of full time and contract administrative staff, a development manager per region and over 48 contracted development and head coaches. All coaches are skilled golfers from the PGA or local communities. They speak the language of the children in their care, and understand their social & economic backgrounds.

How we make a difference

Golf's history of tradition and etiquette, its handicapping system and discipline of self regulation and integrity nurtures honourable qualities in its followers.

Primary - our primary impact lies with the sport itself. We actively broaden the golfing community and transform its composition to be more representative of society.

Secondary - The learners in our programmes are often children that would never have come into contact with golf, and the additional social benefit this exposure brings is immense. These children develop to become positive and stable role models in their own communities because of the discipline and deep values they learn through the game. They further develop into healthy and active members of society as adults, and become economically independent with their acquired skills.

Our goals are to:

"Take the game to the people", including underprivileged communities by providing free coaching and practice equipment Nurture elite players by sponsoring equipment, club fees and competition participation Make facilities more accessible

Secondary goals:

Develop players to meaningfully participate at all levels of golf. Create heroes, stable role models and mentors in all communities.


The SAGDB aims to make golf accessible to all South Africans by providing and facilitating practice and playing opportunities for learners and talented players from all theunderprivileged communities including previously disadvantaged communities. The SAGDB believes that golf is a powerful tool for social development, and growing the game will also help to build a nation to be proud of because it plays and lives by the unique ethics and values of the game.


Through its national approved coaching programmes, the SAGDB will identify and develop talented players from underprivilegedSouth African communities who will popularise and spread the unique spirit of the game.


The SAGDB believes that moral, educational and socio-economic upliftment is vital to South Africa's future. By making golf more accessible and more appealing, the SAGDB is recruiting South Africans to a sport that teaches an integral set of ethical rules and values, which can be applied in all spheres in life




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Chairman: Sunshine Tour

Mr Selwyn Nathan

Commissioner: Sunshine Tour

Mr Ivano Ficalbi

Chief Executive of the PGA of SA

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Director of Companies

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Managing Director SAGDB

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