February 2011

SAGDB's Rossouw elected vice-president of Boland Junior Golf

Andre Rossouw wants to see Boland
be a force in junior golf

The SAGDB's development manager for Boland, Andre Rossouw, has been elected vice-president of Boland Junior Golf for 2011. His appointment is recognition for the contribution he has made to junior golf in the province over the last five years.

"This is a great accolade for him," says the SAGDB's managing director, Ken Viljoen. "It is well-deserved after all the time and effort he has put in."

Rossouw is typically modest about his appointment, stressing that closer ties between golfing bodies must be for the good of the game as a whole.

"It is imperative that the SAGDB needs to be part of junior golf," he says. "Our work would mean nothing if we and our players are not part of the mainstream of junior golf. This is where barriers are broken down and the playing fields are levelled."

Rossouw believes that the relationship between the SAGDB and the junior golf structures in Boland is already healthy. There is a good understanding of how the two can work together with mutual aims and benefits.

He would like to see more SAGDB staff members taking formal roles within junior golf structures across the country. This would not only promote the importance of the SAGDB, but also ensure that coaches and managers are aware of the standards and selection criteria the players need to meet in order to qualify for provincial selection.

For the coming year, Rossouw is looking forward to better performances from Boland teams in inter-provincial tournaments.

"I want to make a meaningful contribution to junior golf in the Boland by developing talented players who can contribute to their respective teams," he says. "Winning or finishing in the top four at the u/19 inter-provincial tournament would be one major goal. I would also like to see more players of colour making all Boland provincial teams on merit."